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Supporting the addition of RSS to OPS

After the migration of Engineering Archive from OSF to OPS, one item that was lost in the process was the RSS feeds for new preprints posted on the server. At OSF, these feeds had been developed as a side project, which were then used by many of their hosted servers.

While RSS feeds already exist for OPS’s older sibling, OJS, the same Web Feed plugin was not available for preprint servers running OPS. That is no longer the case! We have been able to support the translation of the Web Feeds plugin to be compatible with OPS via a sponsored development in partnership with PKP. Visitors to engrXiv will now see RSS links on the right-hand side allowing them to subscribe and get notifications of new preprints. These feeds also power Engineering Archive’s various social media posts. The new RSS feed functionality should be coming to OPS and available to all OPS users shortly.

We are happy that Open Engineering is able to contribute back to Open Preprint Systems in a way that will benefit all servers using the software.

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