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2021 year-end update

This past year has been a relatively quiet one for Open Engineering. Operations have continued for the organization and Engineering Archive is existing as usual. The Journal of Open Engineering has published one additional article entitled, “New Calculator Design for Efficient Interface based on the Circular Group Approach” with one more currently under review.

Review of 2021 finances

Our organizational finances are in good shape at the moment, we received $10,000 from the Engineering Archive Membership Circle, which is artificially high compared with last year as the institutions which were late on payments last year got caught up in the first couple of months of 2021. Additionally we saw $250.33 in revenue from various donations and fundraisers. With this, we covered $4316.49 in expenses, primarily platform fees, domain registrations, and credit card processing fees. Having a little bit of excess revenue will allow us to begin planning for server improvements and development as we look forward to 2022.

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