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Improving the submission editing workflow in OPS

Open Preprint Systems has had a community developed plugin for preprint versioning, called authorVersion, for a while, authored and supported by Lepidus Technologia. However, the plugin enabled authors to create new versions of their preprints only. It did… Read More

2022 wrap-up

The big news for 2022 was that we transitioned Engineering Archive from being hosted on the Open Science Framework to being hosted on Open Preprint Systems, a product of the Public Knowledge Project. We did see some decline… Read More

Supporting the addition of RSS to OPS

After the migration of Engineering Archive from OSF to OPS, one item that was lost in the process was the RSS feeds for new preprints posted on the server. At OSF, these feeds had been developed as a… Read More

Partnering in the Community of Open Scholarship Grassroots Networks (COSGN)

Open Engineering has signed on to a collaborative effort being spearheaded by the Center for Open Science to develop a “network of networks” with a proposal submitted to the NSF 19-501 AccelNet program. If funded, we will be… Read More

Driven by access: opening up the world of engineering research

Access to our shared human knowledge is a basic human right. This is particularly true when public finding is used to generate that knowledge. However, for engineering scholarship, the results of engineering research are largely not publicly accessible… Read More