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Open Engineering supports efforts in the development and promotion of open practices in the engineering field.

Engineering Archive

Engineering Archive (engrXiv) is the eprint server for engineering. Dedicated to the dissemination of engineering knowledge quickly and efficiently. Engineering Archive is partnered with the Center for Open Science to build a free, open access, open source archive for engineering research and design. The initiative responds to growing recognition of the need for faster, open sharing of research and design on a truly open access platform for all engineering disciplines. Papers on the Engineering Archive will be permanently available and free to the public. Learn more.

The Journal of Open Engineering

The Journal of Open Engineering is a fee-free, open-access, peer-reviewed journal targeting all fields and applications of engineering. Through a partnership with PubPub, the journal is attempting to push the boundaries of openness in the field of engineering and in the landscape of engineering publishing. The PubPub platform is an online authoring system which provides a modern, open authoring and review workflow. The platform allows for authors, reviewers, and editors to complete the publishing workflow completely online with no need to track different versions of files and navigate a confusing document handling process. All revisions are stored online and all reviews are conducted in the open. This helps reduce the overhead costs of managing the editorial process since the online system takes care of rendering the manuscript for public consumption. Learn more.


Enginerdery is a blog for the general public written by researchers and scholars from across engineering. The purpose is to communicate engineering research in an open and accessible way. Today is it more important than ever that the work conducted in tucked away research labs and funded largely through public money is accessible to the general public. Accessibility is more than just freely available; to be accessible, the general public must also be able to understand the work. This means eliminating confusing jargon and focusing instead on the what happened? and the who cares? questions. Any engineering researcher is welcome to contribute by writing a post about their recently published work. Learn more.