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Open Engineering Software

When trying to integrate more free and open source solutions into your engineering workflow, software is one of the first places to look. Below is a collection of software that can potentially replace other non-free, non-open source solutions in engineering.

Computer-aided Design

FreeCAD (source) – Parametric modeling with a relatively user-friendly interface.

BRL-CAD (source) – Another open source modeling and rendering system.

Open CASCADE (source) – A technology suite which includes both free and paid components. The parametric modeler is free.

OpenSCAD (source) – A scripted modeling software with a bit of a high learning curve. It uses a programming language to generate simple geometries which can then be combined and transformed into more complex objects.

Computational Fluid Dynamics

OpenFOAM (source) – For the solution of problems in continuum mechanics and computational fluid dynamics.

SU2 (source) – Multiphysics and design optimization engine.

Scientific and Mathematics Calculations

GNU Octave (source)- An alternative to Matlab. A matrix and vector based data processing and numerical computation.

Electronic Design

KiCad (source) – Electronic design tools for creating schematics and PCB layouts.

Product Lifecycle Management

OpenPLM (source) – Software for management the development of a product from start to finish. This software doesn’t appear to currently be in active development. (download mirror)